Budapest Pumpkin Festival

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2009.09.26. 15:26 Töklámpás

Budapest Charity Pumpkin Festival at Heroes Square


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Please bring your own pumpkin, we don’t want you to be pumpkinless!
(Pumpkin is a synonym for balls in Hungarian)

Meeting at Heroes Square at 19:00
Attendants bring their own homemade halloween pumpkins.
At 21:00 everybody goes home quietly.

This is not just a pumpkin festival. We ask all attendants to bring 1-3 cans or any non perishable food.
All the food donated will be given to people in need. All of the food go to a non-profit organization, called Gyermekétkeztetési Alapítvány (Child Nutrition Foundation). They will hand the donations for those children who need it.

At the festival, you can't buy anything with money, no money involved.


It's a free, non-profit event. There’s no money for cordons or podium.
At the square you can place your pumpkin anywhere so you can avoid the crowd around the statue.
Please don’t let Your children climb up to the statue, and take care of each other!

Thank you for not leaving anything at the square only the food that we give to the children.


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